Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Left-over Randomness

I finished up "Up and Down" the other day and I had a few left-over thoughts.  After much debate amongst me and my other personalities, we've decided to share them.
  • Yesterday when I was writing, my creative juices got flowing and I forgot to put on a creative condom.  I think I got another blog pregnant.
  • Smile.  It makes people wonder what you're thinking.  Or perhaps rather than smiling, just open your damn mouth and tell them.  Much easier that way.
  • I don't question reality, I interrogate it.  Tie it up, throw it out of a moving car -- that sort of thing.   
  • What are exclamation points pointing to?
  • Sweepstakes neither contain sweeping, nor stakes.  Just sayin'...
  • I take enough acid trips to get frequent flier mileage
  • To me being classy means you say "Excuse me" after you fart loudly in a crowded room
  • Interesting:  They make light beer, but not light rum.  That's too bad.  It'd be perfect to put in your diet coke.
  • Your best not to bet.
  • Anyone find it ironic that you go see an eye doctor?
  • Finally, after a stressful few months, the clock started to unwind
  • Don't ever look up to someone who looks down on you
  • Hey!  That cloud is shaped like Elvis!  I guess he's not dead after all.
  • When flocks of geese hook up, they fly in w's across the sky

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