Friday, April 4, 2008

The First Sign of Armageddon

I believe the world is coming to an end sometime this year.

The "First Sign" as prophesized in 232 A.D. has arrived. There is an old scripture that read:

"...and there shall come forth a Group of Five who shall bring mirth and merriment to the youth, but will be of dubious tone and movement. They will return after 100 moons and their reuniting shall be considered the first sign."

Editor's note: As you can see by the comment, I had to be corrected that there are in fact FIVE not FOUR in the group. I have since updated it. My apologies to all who were offended by me leaving one of the members out (I won't tell you which one I left out).


sam said...

"Group of Four"?

Then surely, it must not be the aforementioned group, as the ones who are said to bring mirth and merriment were of five. And as told by the prophet, Maurice in 1988A.D.:

"...millions of disciples will worship and upon their ressurection, will re-worship once more, and with them, bringing forth a revelation so powerful: sparking notes of renewed faith, placing springs into steps of jovial madness, bringing splendor to subdued tunes. They will bring forth a musical catechism believed to spawn new days, new beginnings and new hope for all of mankind. Their ressurection shall be considered the first sign."



sam said...

Better not have been Joey.