Monday, April 7, 2008

Find out who has the hots for you!

Facebook is an interesting website, isn't it? Facebook itself, as a concept, isn't that bad at all.

I've done the whole "reunion" thing, which is always fun. This is where you find your old grade school classmates. Once you find them, the email exchange always goes like this:

Me: "Wow! Bill, remember me? Jeff? The nerdy looking guy from grade 5? I'm still nerdy looking, but I'm working now. Boy, you look exactly the same as I remember you then."

Bill: "Jeff, holy shit! Yeah, I remember you....[explains job and marital status]."

Me: [Explains job and marital status.]

Bill: "Well, keep in touch. My phone number is 555-4526."

Me: "Mine is 555-6838"

*Crickets chirping*

I've also done the always enjoyable: Posting embarrassing pics of friends. That's always fun, isn't it? You login to find a new notification. You click on it and there's that picture you thought had been destroyed -- you know, the one of you naked vomitting into someone's toilet with shaving cream on your head with an empty bottle of vodka laying at your feet while a same-sex friend is in a sexually suggestive pose next to you?

It's nice that Facebook not only allows you to post pictures of others, but you can also label them too, so everyone knows your name. Fun.

But the part I enjoy the most about Facebook are all those third-party apps. If everytime you got home in the evening you received about 5-10 solicitations by phone for a new product, would you be happy about that? I suspect not. Yet, everytime I login to Facebook, there it is: 15 notifications of different shapes and sizes of apps -- all of which are useless.

It's usually just one or two people that seem to be "app-happy", trying to set a new record for the most annoying and useless apps available. Of course, by registering for those apps, that person spams all their "friends" to get them to join too. In my mind, it's a great way to lose friends.

I login and I'm being notified of new apps, such as:

1) Someone has the hots for you! Sign up to find out who!

2) Your mage was attacked. Sign up to attack back!

3) Your friend has been rated as 25% blonde. How blonde are you?

4) Bob has given you a snack. Which snack did you get?

...and on...and on...and on.

I'm not interested in being attacked, being given food, being told I'm hot, or blonde, or cool, or not cool, or I look like their brother.

I'm on Facebook, I'm pretty much on there to play Scrabulous.

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Canadian Girl said...

LOL oh my.

Firstly. Let me give you an update on scrabulous. The creators of scrabble have apparantly released their app of scrabble to compete with scrabulous.

As for apps.. I get that all the time too "here take this quiz" "what is your favourite color" blah blah blah enough already! I read that facebook ethier did or will be releasing an option where you can block certain friends from sending you anymore apps for those ones that just won't stop.

Facebook is interesting but I think it has become a fad. A lot of people don't log on anymore. They're profiles are just simply there. Facebook made the mistake of releasing too many apps at once and flooded their site and people's inboxes.