Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March Madness: The Ides of March...plus 13 more days

Hmmmm, something's different here.  Well let's see here:  I got a hair cut...no, that's not it.  I ate sushi...no that's not it.  Oh!  I know!  I changed the look and feel of my blog (mmmm....feeeeeeel).  I hope you like it and if not, well, I suppose that means you won't like it.  If you do like it, then I'm very proud of you for liking anything that I do.

And to anticipate the question:  "Did you take that picture?!"  The answer is yes -- to the one at the top.  No -- to the background.  I know I'm "out there", but I've never left planet Earth.  Well, there was that one time someone slipped something into my drink, but we'll save that for another time.

Also, notice the new "Sharing" icons after each article as well as the top-right.  Now we all learned in kindergarten it's important to share and I want to encourage those feelings.  Share my thoughts with your friends on Facebook or tweet them.  Every time you share, I'll give you a cookie...or...a thank you.  Depends on if you're local or not.

Regardless, enough rambling and time for some random thoughts...
  • The only thing magical about magic markers is they tend to disappear a lot.
  • I'm only interested in pretending to buy a house so I have a fake estate agent
  • There is no such thing as disposable income.  Have you ever found money in the garbage?
  • I'd like to be a massage thief:  I go to massage parlours and steal other people's massages.  "Yeah, I steal for a living, but you know what?  It's kind of relaxing."
  • A little known fact is during a church service, a Bishop can only move diagonally
  • Why are we "rehabbing" animals from zoos and wildlife sanctuaries and sending them back to the wild?  In a zoo they get guaranteed meals each day; treatment for all ailments; applause just for licking themselves; getting to eat drunken people who climb into their enclosures; and absolutely no predators.  Yup, I can just see them lining up to get out. 
  •  Jesus had a great agent.
  • Whenever I see someone cooly take a drag of a cigarette and then blow out smoke rings I think to myself:  "Ooooo, you know how to inhale and exhale concentrated pollution.  I wish I could do that."
  • I'm surprised I don't hear more stories about referees being humped by zebras.
  • Darth Vader should appear in porn movies.  He's already got the breathing part downpat.
  •  I bought a baby monitor to listen to incident that babies are responding to.  So far there haven't been many.

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