Thursday, March 17, 2011

A conversation between the US President and Russian Premier -- in the year 2030

It's the year 2030.  The YouTube and Facebook generation has gotten older and a new US President and a new Russian Premier have just been elected.  Imagine how they might interact.  They decide to introduce email.

Subject:  Hey

Hey, it's Colton, the new prez.  Howz it going, dude?  Congrats on the new gig.  Do you get a big house or anything like I got here?  I don't know much about Russia really, but I heard they have vodka and stuff.  Did you ever get drunk off the stuff?  Like *really* drunk?  I bet there's some facebook pics of you that you wish weren't tagged, lol.

Colton, The Prez.

Subject:  Re: Hey

Dear Colton.
It's Dirk Spasky here.  Thanks for the quick email.  I just moved in, so I'm not sure how big the place is yet, hehehehe.  Your White House is a bit dirty.  They should call it the Grey House now.  :P  Hey, it's easier to chat.  My nickname is DaPremier42.  Add me.

Subject:   Re:  Re:  Hey

Sure!  I'll meet you on chat in a minute.  What time is it there, anyways.  It's 1130pm here.  It must be really late there!  The time zone difference is, what, 4 hours or something?  My nick is HotPrez69.  Ttys!

...a few minutes later...

HotPrez69:  Yo!  I'm on, are you?
DaPremier42:  Hey!  'Sup!
HotPrez69:  So, I guess we should get serious and go over some stuff.  :|  See?  I'm serious now.  :|
DaPremier42:  Lol, well if you're going to ask me to leave Lithuania alone, I'm not going to.  :P
HotPrez69:   You really should, otherwise we'll get angry and I won't be your friend on Facebook anymore.  :(
DaPremier42:  ROFL!!
HotPrez69:  What?  It's true.  :P
DaPremier42:  Yah, yah, and what are you going to do about leaving Cuba alone.  Castro is actually still alive.  ;)
HotPrez69:  Haha.  A sarcastic premier.  Cute.  Hey, look at this!
*Sends Image*
DaPremier42:  What is that?  Is that your bathroom?  You've got like 10 nozzles in your shower -- too cool.
HotPrez69:  Hey, can I send you this vid I'm going to post on YouTube?  It's me doing a cover of Justin Bieber -- I can't believe he just released his 10th album!
DaPremier42:  Sure, but can you get me tickets to his concert??????
HotPrez69:  LOL.  Sure, if you like my video.  :P  Hey, brb, the wife wants something.
DaPremier42:  kk
HotPrez69:  Back
DaPremier42:  WB.  Hey, you have a cam?  We can Skype if you do. 
HotPrez69:  Thx.  Nah, the wife won't let me have a cam.  I got drunk once and, well...Aw, FML, the wife wants the computer!
DaPremier42:  You don't have more than one?!  You're the president?!
HotPrez69:  We do, but the router isn't set up yet, so I'm stealing wi-fi from next door.
DaPremier42:  Lol, ok.  Ttyt? 
HotPrez69:  Yah, we have to get this Lithuania thing done.  Ok, g2g, ttyl.

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Jupiter_Jazz said...

Oh wow. xD

This made me LOL... It kind of reminds me of the movie Idiocracy though. A little scary...