Friday, August 20, 2010

We're trying!

I've always been amused by language and the idiosyncrasies associated with them.  If you read through my various blog posts I like to point out the inane, the insane and the downright weird things we do and say.

One of the things that's always caught my attention is the notion of trying to get pregnant.  No, no, not the actual act itself (which is fun and should be practiced frequently), but how it's communicated and the fact that it's communicated at all.

I find it absolutely amazing that someone will tell their parents (or perhaps friends) that they're trying to start a family.  Think about it!  Think about what they're really saying.

"Mom.  Dad.  Now that that we've been married for about a year, we've decided to try and start a family."

...translates into...

"Mom.  Dad.  We've been fucking on and off for the past year, but Suzie's been on the pill.  Suzie is off the pill now and we're gonna start fucking like rabbits until she pops one out."

It's even worse when it's the guy telling his in-laws:  "I just wanted to tell you I've started fucking your daughter pretty much every day now.  I'm trying to knock her up.  Just thought I'd share."

Why on earth do we tell people we're "trying?"  We don't do it in other instances.  "Mom.  Dad.  Jason and I have been going out for a couple of weeks now and we've decided while we're dating we're going to fuck daily.  I just thought I'd share."

We don't announce things going the other way, do we?  "We're holding off on fucking for the next year on the account that Cindy is going back to school, so there'll be very little time to fuck.  Oh sure, we'll fuck infrequently, but any kid will be an accident."

Once someone is pregnant, it's such a joyous occasion, but it's still weird for me to hear:  "I have some news.  Elizabeth and I were fucking last month and it worked!  I knocked her up!  I'm a bit sad because we won't be fucking for 9 months, though.  What the hell was I thinking?"

So in conclusion, I'd like to congratulate all my pregnant friends.  I wish you all the best, and happy fucking!

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