Thursday, April 8, 2010

An extra helping of randomness

    As a few people have pointed out, it's been awhile since I posted anything to my blog. I have been a bit busy, but hopefully things will lighten up a bit over the next while. In the meantime, I offer you an extra helping of randomness...

  • Laziest job in the world: Manager of coffee stick designs. How can there even be a single employee in this company? A machine cuts strips of plastic and throw it in a truck. What else is there?
  • Anyone ever bother to analyze people who create ink blots? I bet they have scary-ass minds.
  • I'd love to see a rotary push button phone. It just sounds fun.
  • Water on a white t-shirt. Love it. Can someone apply that technology to other t-shirt colours please?
  • The difference between being confident and showing off: confidence is when people say "hey look at you". Showing off is when you say "hey look at me."
  • Can only Christians cross-train?
  • Yesterday during rush hour I made a no-point turn. I turned left but there was no point.
  • The fact that elevators have an emergency stop button scares me. When exactly would you use that exactly? If the elevator is plummeting towards the ground you'd hope that the elevator would have automatic sensors to stop it. You think the guy with his face pressed to the ceiling is going to have time to sort out that whole button thing?
  • Hey it's the new millennium. Isn't it about time that Jack came out of the box?
  • Always assume its not good to assume
  • I love it when people say they're going to have an extra "helping" of food. How the hell is that helping? That's eating. Want to help extra? Do the cooking AND the cleaning.

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