Friday, February 26, 2010

In the news

    A few comments about items in the news over the past few days.

  • So this whale has now killed three people and all the experts come out to try and "help" the whale. Help the whale? What are they supposed to do? Have it sit down with a psychiatrist? Put it in jail? Oh wait, it's already in jail. This isn't a dog you can put down because it's terrorizing the neighbourhood. Keeping a whale in captivity to save the species is one thing. Keeping a whale in captivity so it can spray a crowd full of water and get a bucket of fish as a reward is another. The guy running the show down there calls it "educational". Educational is watching a whale swim in the ocean -- not dragging a helpless trainer underwater.

  • I'm watching the olympics and I'm wondering how much more brazen can some of these athletes get. First there's the bobsleigh. Scary. Fast. But some folks said "Oh yeah! We don't need all this extra protection! " And thus the luge was born. But wait, not good enough! "Pffff, wimps! Going down feet first like that! How about head first!" ...the skeleton. Up next, they're just going to hurl themselves off a cliff. Whomever reaches the ground the quickest...

  • The Canadian Women's Hockey Team wins gold. Celebrates partially on the ice after everyone left the building. Might've been beer and champagne involved. An 18 year old might've had some beer too. You mean an 18 year old Canadian might've had beer? *Gasp*. That NEVER happens. And you mean the winning team celebrated? Holy cow, what's the world coming to! Get over it IOC. They did nothing wrong.

  • The headlines around the Toyota car issues are scary. They're scary because just about every other car company out there has had just as many issues if not more around their cars. Not necessarily sticky gas pedals, but various issues. Cars need to be made safer all around. Why is it all of the sudden that it's become an issue now? Is it because it's a foreign-owned car company that happens to be doing well on US soil? Nah. Couldn't be.

  • William Shatner and Catherine O'Hara were both a part of the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. Shatner was funnier. I believe this is the part where the Earth explodes.

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