Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A few more thoughts

After writing my olympic thoughts a few days ago, I still had a few non-olympic-related thoughts remaining. I've decided to share them with you now. Please have a seat, return your seatbacks to the upright position and stow your tray-tables.

  • "Coffee, tea, or me." Boy, someone was horny the day they came up with that line. That's quite the proposition! I also wonder if the person chose coffee.
  • 4-leaf clovers don't consider themselves lucky. They keep getting picked and die.
  • I hate how some people will keep an email thread running for two weeks and in the meantime the content of the thread has absolutely nothing to do with the subject line. Sometimes you need to take the extra step and type something new in the subject line.

Re: mom's surprise party

Can you believe Suzy slept with that guy? Ever since she got that boob job she's all tits and no brains.

  • A round of applause. A round of drinks. Close call on which I'd rather have.
  • Is it just me but don't you sometimes feel intimidated by how some people knot their scarves? I can barely manage to fling the thing over my shoulder without accidentally choking myself and in the meantime the guy next to me has this elaborate double-hitch-with-reverse-cloverleaf thing going that would make a sailor proud.
  • A capella: A noodle that sings by itself
  • Have you ever seen a hyper turtle? Could you tell if you haven't?
  • Hey here's a brilliant idea for a ringtone: it sounds like a phone ringing *gasp* I don't need to hear that you like The Godfather or have a thing for Cookie Monster every time your Aunt Betsy decides to call and update you on her "bunion situation".
  • Life is all a matter of inches -- usually somewhere between 4 to 9 inches to be exact.

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