Thursday, October 29, 2009

Brief Thoughts

Just a few thoughts to tide you over while I work on other thoughts...

  • A cool invention would be creating lemons that have a tequila-filled centre.
  • Is it me or does every German-speaking man sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger?
  • You know those free newspapers you get in the subway and bus? I picked one up the other day. It's ridiculous. It's like looking at a print version of Twitter. News condensed down to 140 characters or less -- just what we need.
  • I tried catching some Z's, but instead I caught some sideways N's.
  • I love when you see someone winking at someone else in the hopes of picking them up. That's like saying: "Hey, babe. Look at me. I know how to control my eyelids."
  • Why does a room always look like a tornado or hurricane hit it? Why not any other sort of weather event? "Johnny! Look at your room! It looks like light showers with a southwesterly wind and a high of 10C hit it!"
  • I am so out of shape. I'm out of breath half the time. I remember when I used to breath.

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