Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thoughts du jour

Some thoughts over the past, um, jours.
  • Love is blind. So are bats.
  • Michael Jackson announced he's making a "comeback." This, of course, will be exciting to the 50,000 fans who never thought he left. The rest of us will just laugh.
  • Non-cowboys should not be allowed to say "Y'all." It bugs me to no end to watch a man wearing a suit and tie say "Hi y'all!" You know what? Go drive a herd of cattle somewhere, then you can say "Y'all"
  • I find it interesting when people add a word in front of the word "love" to somehow describe "love" better. Looking for "real love". Looking for "true love". By definition, love is real and true. If it's not, it's not love.
  • To me, the word unauthorized sounds like it's where someone authorized something, but then changed their mind. "I'd like to unauthorize this."
  • I have a bit of dirt on my hands. I have a bit a time on my hands. Which one seems wrong to you?
  • Why do people say they're going to "jump" into the shower. What's with all this jumping? It sounds very dangerous to me.
  • By definition only outgoing people will tell you they're outgoing. Shy people won't say anything...because they're shy.

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