Friday, February 20, 2009

Thoughts and News

Wow! Where have I been for the past few months! Why am I asking you? I have no idea, but I'm rambling now (like that's unusual).

But I've been busy -- sleeping a lot. Working a lot. I've been wandering aimlessly, though sometimes I've been wandering aimed. I have a few thoughts that have been slowly forming in my mind.

I hope to resume blogging more actively in the next week or two, but I need time to "ramp up" -- whatever that means. It really has nothing to do with ramps...

  • Yesterday I tried to tickle someone's fancy. I almost got arrested.
  • I love it when people comment: "You look nothing like your picture." That's right. I'm rarely glossy and I'm not 5x7.
  • What's with people wishing a "Happy New Years?" It's Happy New Year -- no plural. It's a new year, not a bunch of new years. One at a time, folks. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
  • I heard on the news the other day, researchers are trying to determine why "middle-aged" women have more stress and they're looking to interview women in their mid-40's. To save on some research time, they're stressed because you're calling women in their mid-40's "middle-aged!"
  • So GM wants billions of dollars AND lay off 47,000 people. Precisely how badly managed is this company?
  • If you dance like no one's watching, you're bound to step on a few toes.
  • I've got great morals -- but I've got a bad memory.
  • Pursuing happiness suggests that happiness is something to chase when in reality it's people who run from happiness.
  • Sugar will make anything taste amazing...except for salt.

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