Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday's Random Thoughts

Did you like the Superheroes in Miami post? Can I hear a resounding YES!

*cricket chirping*

Hmmmm, well I'll probably write about them again, so deal with it.

In the meantime, I few thoughts, comments and musings...

I hate it when someone is pulling out of an intersection and gets traffic to stop for them. Then they start waving and pointing for 20 seconds as they slowly make the turn. Get both hands on the wheel and make the friggin' turn. You're not accepting an Oscar, it's not a parade, and you're not the Queen. Just drive.
  • In Friday's Toronto Star in an article about Hilary Clinton allegedly not wanting to be Obama's VP: "She is not seeking the vice-presidency, and no one speaks for her but her," communications director Howard Wolfson said. -- No one speaks for her apparently... except for Mr. Wolfson.
  • Guess what the top headline in the Toronto Star website was on Friday evening. Was it:
a) The potential for a GM strike because of a plant being closed down?
b) Obama's historic win to become the presidential nominee for the Democrats
c) The Hockey Night in Canada theme song might be replaced.

You'd be wrong if you guessed A or B.

  • The US announced the word's fastest computer today. It can do 1,000 trillion calculations per second! That's just about fast enough to figure out why people are excited about the New Kids on the Block reunion.
  • I saw a baby chihuahua the other day. How can something be that small and have actual functioning organs inside? It was like 5 molecules wide. It was tripping over blades of grass, for crying out loud.
  • Speaking of driving, as I was earlier, if you happen to switch lanes and don't signal, please stop acting surprised when you notice the driver you cut off seems to be angry at you.
  • Yesterday, Toronto had a "severe weather" warning and a tornado watch. Apparently, a tornado is not severe weather.
  • Freud would have a field day if he analyzed men who used ovens. You get to turn it on. When it gets turned on, it becomes hot. Once it's hot, you can put something in it. But make sure when you're putting something in it, you use protection. I'll stop the metaphor there before I get banned.

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