Friday, June 20, 2008

EOTWT -- End of the Week Thoughts

It's a Friday. Happiness prevails. 'Nuff said.
  • It was reported a man lost 80 lbs eating only at McDonalds for a period of time. Though it was clarified he lost the weight by eating their salads and wraps. Of course the headlines all trumpet the fact he lost weight eating at McDonalds. No, he didn't lose weight because he ate at McDonalds. He lost weight because he ate healthy. The headline could've easily read: "Man loses 80lbs by eating salads and home.
  • I've noticed while at a baby store three things:

1) I need at least one of everything in the store

2) I don't know what 1/2 the things are -- but I still need them, I'm sure.

3) Each one of those things will be necessary only for about 1 week before the baby outgrows it, discards it, or eats it.

  • Speaking of babies, I'm in the process of loading up the baby's rooms with all kinds of stuff for when my kid is born. Mobiles, stuffed animals, painted walls with all kinds of characters, etc. I'm not sure why, though. A newborn's eyesight is basically focused at a fixed length of a couple of feet for the first while -- they can't even seen all the stuff. This is why after a couple of months the baby is crying so much. It's because one day it opens its eyes and goes "Bwah! Where'd all this shit come from!"
  • I don't get Stephane Dion's "revenue neutral" plan regarding placing a carbon tax, but then reducing income taxes. If it's revenue neutral, why go through the exercise of it all? Why not say "We're going to take 5% of your income taxes and dedicate it to green initiatives." Wouldn't that be easier? What's with shifting all the money around?
  • It was reported the Mars Lander found bits of ice a couple of days ago. It was expected to find ice, but you think they would've consulted with Canadians first before sending up the probe. For example, rather than using a flimsy scoop, we would've had it include a big, plastic shovel. And once the ice was found, there would've been a mini-zamboni to get the ice ready for a game. I mean come on, if we're going all this way to find ice, we might as well use it for something.
  • A good picture should be worth 3 words. No more. No less. It should generate one of two responses: "That is cool" or "What the fuck?"

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