Monday, June 16, 2008

And now the news

I'm starting to enjoy reading the headlines in the newspaper and adding my 2 cents-worth. It's fun, and it's worth the 2 cents, but not much more than that.
  • Honda announced a new "emission-free" vehicle has gone into production. I guess it's emission free if you don't count the emissions coming from the car plant or from the plants that made the individual parts or the cars the workers drove to get to the plant. Other than that, the car is emission free. That's great.
  • Dear car driver: When the light is red, that doesn't mean you can continue to slowly drift into the intersection. You look like an idiot being in the middle of the intersection, and even more so when all the other cars behind you pass you because they actually go when the light turns green.
  • Cyclists rode their bikes naked over the weekend in Ottawa to protest their exposure to pollution...because everyone knows showing your penis or your breasts will get people to stop polluting. It might get them to throw pocket change, but that's about it.
  • There's a new law being introduced in Ontario that will ban parents from smoking in cars -- relegating parents to only being able to breathe smoke on their kids at home, at the park, and at restaurants. How will they manage?
  • There's a news report in the US that the extensive flooding there might be damaging to the economy. I'll just file that report under "DUH!"
  • Dear car driver #2: Stop swerving around every pothole and bump on the road as if your car will fall apart with the slightest knock. You're almost hitting other cars and you're putting yourself and others at risk. If you truly believe your car is that fragile, you bought the wrong car. Get over it.
  • Tiger Woods won the US Open golf tournament yesterday in a sudden-death playoff match against Rocco Mediate. They set a record for the most exciting match and also having the two coolest names in sports.

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