Saturday, May 3, 2008

My 100th post -- happy...anniversary?

Yup, it's my 100th post! Exciting, I know. I can see you're withholding your applause and praise, which is great. Hold it for my 1000th post.

Speaking of 1000, I'm so close to the 1,000-hit mark, I can almost smell it!

Ok actually, I can't. I tried pressing my nose to the screen and other than leaving snot marks all over the volume knob, it did me no good. But I thank you once again for your visits and support and please continue to tell your friends, family, and random strangers about my blog. The bigger the audience, the more fun it becomes.

  • Keep healthy: Don't fry your brain. Boil your blood instead. Less fattening.
  • When dating, it starts off with chemistry and if all goes well, it ends with biology
  • I could go for a cold patio on a nice beer.
  • Has anyone actually had their eye poked out? If I poke someone's eye, it goes in, not out. Did I ever mention I think too much?
  • Two men walk into a bar. It was metal. It hurt.
  • Why do people seem to care so much about why a chicken crossed a road?
  • I love it when I hear a baby burp. It makes me wonder how much beer it had.
  • Definition of chaos: The 4x50 relay in short-track speedskating
  • Here's something that'll hurt your brain: There's a jar full of flies. All the flies are resting at the bottom of the jar. You weigh the jar. Then you shake the jar. Now all the flies are flying around in the jar. None of them are touching the bottom, top, or sides of the jar. You weigh the jar again. Does it weigh the same? More? Or less than the first weight?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! May there be 10000 more posts to your 1000 wished and your 100 actualized creating 11 000 posts!....Unless you passed the 1 in 11 and squared it by its coefficent creating 2million....
Well I'm going to go now.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff....
Congrats on your 100th post. I'm hoping to be your 1000th visitor, you're at 998 now so I COULD just close it twice and reopen it... but I'm trying to be fair!!!

Here's a toast to the next 100 posts... Really look forward to reading them everyday day, every second day... Whenever!!!!

Take Care, Ashley Mc

Anonymous said...

Ok...I'll admit... I did it... but it was kind of by accident!!!!

Congrats on 1000 visitors!!!!
Ash... hehe

Canadian Girl said...

Congrats on a thousand!! Keep those posts coming. :)