Sunday, March 16, 2008

Post-Peruvian Random Thoughts

Now that I'm back in Toronto, it's about time I share some thoughts I had while in Peru. After translating them from Spanish, I came up with the following:

  • The opposite of "underneath" is "overneath"
  • When snakes get angry, do they throw a hissy fit?
  • It's too bad Zoodles weren't to scale.
  • There should be a law that when people type "lol", they truly do laugh out loud.
  • When curlers have sex: "HEAVY!" "HARD!" "HURRY!"
  • I love wishing upon stars. Yesterday, I wished upon Julia Roberts.
  • I fell in love once. Broke my arm.
  • Always flip channels once every 10 minutes so they heat evenly on all sides.

Note: I have posted my Peruvian pics on my Flickr website. For now, I'm updating daily with another 4 or 5 pics per day. I have a few on my Facebook account, but those are limited. Go to and the Peru 2008 for the pics.

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