Sunday, March 9, 2008

Peru -- Day 3

I'm posting a bit late for day 3 as it's already noon of day 4. But the internet here can sometimes be a bit finicky, so I'll keep this short before I get booted again.

I took quite a few pics -- and yes, I took a few sunset pics too. So I can clear customs! ;)

I ate at a seafood restaurant that jutted out into the sea (it's on a pier). The food was amazing and a little more elaborate than I had hoped. Unfortunately, I also upset stomach (insert scary music here). That's never a good sign here since the water isn't exactly the cleanest in the world. Hopefully I haven't eaten anything that will, ahem, linger.

I hear Toronto got, um, a bit of snow. It's too bad I wasn't there to see it...bahahahahaha, oh I love sarcasm sometimes. My bro is watching my dog. I have a feeling if he was to let Abby out for a walk, all you'd see is her tail sticking out through the snow.

Ok, I'm off to wander the city. Italian food for lunch. Some sort of "fountain show" in the afternoon (pics to follow). And dinner...not sure. Possibly seafood. I haven't had much seafood yet....

The pic I've attached is the scene from a restaurant overlooking the ocean in Mira Flores. This is also where I took my obligatory sunset pics. In reality, this is about 10 pics stitched together (hence the odd shade of sky in one portion). The original version of this pic is massive. I've reduced it in size for this blog.

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Canadian Girl said...

Oh yea. We got juuust a bit of snow. It was actually quite brutal. I took the pup out for his walks and I was in shin deep snow. I had snow in my shoes. He wanted to run all the way across the field. Yep. I was frozen by the time I got back.

I hope you are having a great time!! Come back soon. We need ya here. :)