Monday, March 17, 2008 the news

Actual headline:

"McGuinty [Premier of Ontario] announces dental, snacks plans" -- Hmmm, maybe if you eliminate the snack plan, you won't need the dental plan!

And some fake ones:
Bombmaker fired -- blows up at reporters.

Study shows the cost of balloons inflate over time

Geese launch new campaign -- asks drivers to honk to show support

Historians note Alexander Graham Bell found his calling in life

The People-Against-The-Use-of-Hyphens Club disbanded today for unknown reasons

Man pulls butter-knife in deli. Dozens off innocent sandwiches spread with butter.

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Canadian Girl said...

lol too funny! Love this post.

The political one above. I rarely follow the American politics going on. It always seems to be long and messy. I do however follow politics in Canada.
I read celebrity news though and it's interesting how celebrities and politics have seemed to now be mixed together.

The anger at celebrities for supporting one side and not another etc.