Thursday, March 20, 2008

Boy Bikes and Razor Blades

I was telling someone today about how I was forced to ride a "girls" bike while on vacation a few years ago. As I was telling the story, I was explaining how I didn't understand what made it a girls bike.

Yes, that infamous bar was missing -- you know, the bar that tells you if it's a girls or boys bike? Why does that make it a girls or boys bike in the first place? It's a friggin' bar! Does the bike know that I'm a guy? Will it tell me to fuck off? Yet for some reason, one is a boy's bike, one is a girl's bike, and they're sold as such. In fact, while I was riding it, I noticed some people staring at me -- because of this bar, or lack thereof.

In fact, it's amazing how many sorts of products are out there that are labelled as being for men or women when in fact they're the same thing. Razor blades stand out in my mind. I see all of these "Just for women" pink razors for shaving legs, armpits and wherever women seem to shave. But they're for women. Can't use the guys version. You see the metal is different. It'll cut your skin differently and cause your legs to fall right off! Don't ever use it! Geez.

And now there are "girl" cameras. You notice this? They're pink or red, or stylish. But they're for women. G-d forbid, I have one in my hands, I'll get questioned as to why I have a girl's camera. What, does it have breasts? It takes pictures. It's a camera!

When you think about it, even perfume and cologne are basically the same thing. They're both smells. Is there really a "manly" smell? I suppose there is if you want to put on "Ode de Football", but otherwise, I'd argue no there isn't.

Cell phones -- same thing. "No, Cindy, you can't take that phone. That's a man's phone. Notice the penis on it?"

The argument being made is that is appeals to consumers -- specifically gender targeting. I don't disagree with that. What shocks me is it actually works! I suppose I view things this way because I see myself as being a practical person. I want something functional that works. I'm not really concerned how it looks as much as I care about that it works.

"Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman."...because women want their underarms to smell different than men.

I'm just waiting for the next product: Hungry-woman dinners

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Canadian Girl said...

LOL hungry woman dinners. That's great!

I don't get the deal with razors either. I heard that some girls prefer using a guys razor over a girls. I don't get the difference.

Now I feel like buying a guys bike, painting it pink and waiting to see if firstly anyone notices and secondly what their response will be.