Thursday, February 14, 2008

Abby's Excellent Adventure

Holy shit! No bullet points today. I'm taking the day off from totally random thoughts to focus on one particular thought. Hey, sometimes it happens. Normally I have the focus and concentration of a ferret on espresso beans, but today I'm totally focused. (Hey, I said I'm focused -- not that I wouldn't ramble.)

So the other day, I took Abby, my dog, to Doggy Day Camp. Yes, that's what it's called. I won't get into what company offers Doggy Day Camp, but it's a fairly well-known company.

The premise is you can drop off your dog for the day and they will spend the entire day playing with other dogs. At the end of the day, you pick up your totally exhausted, limp, barely conscious dog to take home with you. Your dog will then spend the next 2 days recovering from all the excitement and exercise.

Abby (see pictures of her in previous posts), is a 13 month-old black lab/border collie cross. To say she has a bit of energy is like saying a nuclear bomb blast generates a bit of heat. She was a perfect fit for this type of activity.

She loves playing with other dogs -- specifically "boxing" with them. That's where a dog uses their front paws to basically slap at another dog. Abby is good at that. I'd like to say she learned this from me, but the only thing she's learned from me is how to sleep for 12 hours and still feel lazy after waking up.

Ultimately, she had a blast. She received a "report card" of sorts saying she played well with others, she pooped and she didn't bite anyone. Being a camp, I was expecting her to come home with some crafts she made, like a dog made from popsicle sticks or a friendship bracelet or something.

She'll be returning next week for another play date. She had a great time and will continue to go once or twice a week. Next week they're building a campfire, watching 101 Dalmations, and singing dog songs like "How much is that doggie in the window"

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Canadian Girl said...

LOL. I love this post. No popscicle stick crafts huh or friendship bracelets. I bet abby was the most popular dog there. Success! She pooped and didn't bite anyone. :)