Monday, January 28, 2008

Random randomness

  • What's the difference between famous and infamous? Flammible and inflammible?
  • Raindrops bounce. Cheques also bounce. I've never seen either actually happen.
  • When you're being arrested, a cop tells you about your right to remain silent...and then asks you to answer if you understand those rights. If you understand them, shouldn't you remain silent? I think this is a trick question to confuse the suspect.
  • Never judge a book by it's cover. So rip off the cover. Now it's much easier to judge.
  • When is it going to dawn on people that the author of all those Winnie-the-Pooh books has named some poo "Winnie?"
  • Ingredient list on a 7-11 Hotdog: Bun, hotdog
  • I'm against having tasers given to civilians, but I have no problem with having defibulators accessible to the public.
  • This Kurt Cobain guy is going to go really far with his music as long as he doesn't do anything stupid or over-dramatic
  • Some people say I'm going crazy. Sometimes I'm told I'm coming back to reality. I have to make up my mind if I'm coming or going
  • By order of the government, all textbooks will now contain verbs

1 comment:

Canadian Girl said...

LOL @ winnie the POO and 7-11 hot dogs.
Ewww at 7-11 food.. and the coffee too.