Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday's Thoughts

Hooray! It's Friday. This means a few random thoughts to tide you over the weekend...

  • I found a needle in a, now what do I do?
  • I don't think a wolf in sheeps clothing is the way to go. I mean a wolf is so much skinnier. There'd be these flaps of cloth hanging off of it and it would fit horribly. A wolf would look better in a dog's clothing. It would fit nicely and they'd look less vicious.
  • You had me at "Yes, of course I'll take my clothes off."
  • Be careful about describing yourself as "the girl next door." I've seen the girl next door to me. You don't want to describe yourself as her.
  • I think cats have to stop collecting tongues. Don't they have enough already? What are they doing with them anyways?
  • A normal round of applause is really a sitting ovation. I think that sounds more exciting.
  • If a pitcher beans the hitter in baseball, does the hitter yell back: "Oh yeah! Nine can play at that game!"
  • Exactly how much is a "crock of shit?" It sounds like a lot. Maybe that person should get checked out by a doctor.

1 comment:

Michellejose said...

So I groaned a bit reading that however - this is pure gold

"applause, baseball, cats, clothing, girl next door, haystack, needle, ovation, sheep, tongues, wolf"

I have never seen such a collection of words together, yet it interests me and makes me giggle in a way that scares my cat clothes tounges.