Monday, December 31, 2007

Ingredient Lists

Found in a "Big John" sandwich:

1) Processed salami
2) Mock chicken loaf

First, what is "mock chicken loaf"? Think about this for a moment. It's not even REAL chicken loaf, it's MOCK chicken loaf.

Chicken loaf itself isn't even a real thing. Chicken loaf is a processed, fake product. So what this is saying is the fake thing isn't even real. The fake thing is fake?!

What this also means is that it's not saying what it IS. It's saying what it's NOT! If it's fake chicken loaf, then what is it really?

Ingredient for a chicken honey mustard sandwich:
"cutlette shaped chicken"

I don't know about you, but I've never seen a chicken shaped like a cutlette. Maybe they have a special farm for these chickens?

Ingredients for a hamburger:
Burger, bun. May contain wheat, milk, eggs, sulphites, soy, and sesame.

Does it scare you that the "may contain" list is larger than the "definite" list? Do I want to know how milk and soy ends up in a hamburger?

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