Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Newsworthy comments

Alright. There are enough stories in the news these days that I just have to comment....

Ok, is there anyone in US politics who has NOT had an affair at this point? Now the South Carolina govenor had an affair. Who's left? Put down your hand, Mr. Clinton, I don't really care what your lawyers say...


A man was sentenced to only 10 years in prison after randomly murdering a complete stranger on the subway. According to the Toronto Star, the defence lawyer, "...called for a seven-year sentence, less pre-trial custody. She argued that her client has no criminal record, has a good work history..." I guess the judge bought the rationale that if you work hard and kill someone just once -- hey, you gotta give a man a break, right? I mean it's just one person. Fuck, shoot me now. No wait, nevermind.


So Jon and Kate (of "Plus 8" fame) are divorcing and suddenly there are all these so-called parenting experts coming forward to say they're concerned for the kids. NOW they're concerned for the kids? I guess being surrounded by camera crews on a daily basis taping their every move isn't an issue? No, no, the camera crews stay. The false life they lead being taken from "special event" to "special event" in the name of television drama is perfectly fine. What's that? The parents are divorcing? Holy shit, let's be careful -- wouldn't want to fuck them up now, would we.

I say we send them all to Judge Judy.

She'd probably tell Jon: "Oh so now you have a backbone? How about having a backbone 10 years ago and saying 'I don't' instead of 'I do' at your wedding?"

She'd tell Kate: "Get this through your head. You are a MOM. If you want to be a Hollywood Princess, pack your bags and move."

Then she'd send all the kids to live with Sharon and Ozzy.

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