Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Peru -- Day 6, 7, Flight home

I suspect this will be my last post in Peru before flying home. Although I'll be in Peru all day tomorrow, between packing, eating, wandering and getting to the airport, I won't have time to talk about my day. Then, there's the flight home leaving at 1 am, picking up Abby and then trying to find my house -- likely buried under a few hundred feet of snow at this point.

Lima has been a blast. I'm still eating too much each day (today, I'm going to a "fancy" Peruvian restaurant). I've decided for fun that my "last meal" in Lima will be Burger King tomorrow night before heading off to the airport.

I actually didn't do too much today. Other than the obligatory eating, I ran, slept a lot, watched some TV (old episodes of Grey's Anatomy and House), and sorted through my 300+ pictures trying to narrow them down to closer to 200 (I got down to 250 -- approximately).

The flight home looms over me now as that fast approaches. Just like the flight here, I'm still nervous about flying and not happy that I have to fly. Can't we learn how to teleport people already? I mean geez, Bill Gates already has the whole desktop operating system thing nailed down, isn't it time we figure out how to store a human on a 2 GB flash drive and shoot them over the internet to their destination? Maybe that'll be in the next version of Windows -- but I'm guessing.

In the meantime, I'll remain nervous about flying. Given that it's a nighttime flight, it's even more nerve-wracking. I won't be able to see a thing out the window (I'll be over the Pacific) and this time of year it's quite bumpy in the air because of the trade winds. Lovely. And because it's overnight, there won't be movies to watch or people wandering the plane to talk to. Everyone will be asleep. So I'll remain belted in my seat, sweating profusely, sending off fumes that will test my deodorant.

But I do look forward to seeing how Abby will react when I get back. Will she go nuts knocking over anything and everything in her way as she jumps on me? Or will she just lay there, slightly wagging her tail giving me a doggy guilt trip for abandoning her? I suppose I'll find out in about 36 hours or so.

As always, I've included a picture with this post. Apparently, the neighbourhood I was in is a "No trumpets allowed" neighbourhood. Perhaps they had a bad experience in the past.

P.S. Yes, yes, I was kidding. I know this is a reference to not honking a car horn.

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Canadian Girl said...

lol that's a wierd sign for not honking your horn though. I'm glad to hear you had a great time. I miss ya over here.

I'm sure Abby will be anxious and super happy to see you.