Monday, March 10, 2008

Peru -- Day 5

Boy, this vacation is going faster than I thought. Although I technically leave on Thursday, I leave at 1am on Thursday. So really, Wednesday is my last full day here. I'll be back Thursday morning.

Today's wanderings was a real eye-opener. I went to a great restaurant that serves chicken called Granja Azul. It's waaaay on the outskirts of town, though. While being driven there, I got to see some of the "less developed" sections outside the city where people have built shacks on the side of mountains, or they work labouriously for hours and get barely a wage.

It was tricky snapping pics via a moving car and keeping the camera steady and focused, but I managed to get about 65 pics by my count. I've included one below.

The restaurant was great. For a flat fee of about $20 USD, you can get all the chicken you want (they serve you half-chickens at a time), as well as salad, drinks (non-alcoholic), bread served inside a chicken (don't ask, wait for the pics), and french fries.

To say I overate was an understatement. So far it's been my only meal for the day and it's 9pm my time. I didn't have breakfast and I doubt I'm going to have dinner, either.

I'm thankful I've been running as that's probably the only thing that's prevented me from having to book a second seat for the flight home as I'd be that wide!

I don't have any specific plans for tomorrow. I may just take it easy (other than run) and gather my stuff, my thoughts, and my leftovers.

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