Monday, March 31, 2008

I put the cart before the horse in my backyard

As you can see, I haven't posted in awhile. It's been one hectic week for me and with my brain so cluttered with things, I haven't had time to think -- let alone think randomly. In addition, my previous couple of posts have, ahem, sucked. Maybe I should just stick with posting pics of Abby.

Nah, instead, I'll post some more sucky thoughts.

  • True story: I saw a food product, "Natural Mashed Potatoes". Last time I checked, potatoes grew only solidly -- though it would be handy if they grew already mashed. It would be difficult to harvest, though.
  • Toss my salad. Toss my cookies. Different foods. Different outcomes.
  • I want a digital watch that only shows the hands of a clock -- digitally. That would be really cool and really redundant.
  • Can anyone really tell the difference between -45C and -50C what about +45C and +50C. I think anything below -15C should be considered "fucking cold" and anything about 40C be considered "fucking hot"
  • I can't sing. I sing in the key of "Shut up"
  • I've changed my password to be all-asterisks. It's easier to remember that way.
  • Earth Hour was interesting. At 8pm, it was like a movie was about to start for the entire city all at once.
  • I have a front lawn, but a backyard. How did that happen? And when does grass become a lawn?
  • Put the cart before the horse if you want to experience what rear-wheel drive must've felt like in the old days.
  • Cool alarm clock idea: It only buzzes at frequencies dogs can hear. So I keep sleeping, but mysteriously everyone else in the neighbourhood keeps waking up at 4am because their dog is barking.

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Canadian Girl said...

hahahaha never a dull post. You always have interesting stuff. Love it!