Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today's Randomness

Wow, I've had only a couple updates in the past few days. I've been sick and when I'm sick, I tend to slow down and sleep a lot. I haven't learned how to sleep-type yet, so my posts will be a little less frequent until I feel better. In the meantime, between my coughing fits and sneezing attacks, I had a few ideas...
  • I wonder if the factories making all those wind turbines uses electricity generated by coal. That would be mildly ironic.
  • Rather than taking a romantic walk, I prefer a romantic jog. You're still with that special someone, but you get a workout at the same time.
  • I bet when David Suzuki has an idea, a florescent lightbulb goes off over his head.
  • The greatest thing before sliced bread was the bread slicer.
  • I swear I've met this Mr. D. J. Vu before.
  • The guy who invented body surfing was simply a surfer who tripped.
  • I can't think straight. I think to the left.
  • Wii-ing: To play one's Nintendo Wii. Example: "Sorry, I can't go out and socialize this weekend. I'm Wii-ing."
  • Someday I hope to stop thinking in bullet points.

1 comment:

Canadian Girl said...

hahaha. Love the wii'ing. If you said that to someone in person they'd probably be like... you arn't coming out because you are peeing? Weeing.. get it? lol.

Romantic jog huh. Hmm I've never tried that. pant pant.. "hey honey... look at that flower.. oops ya missed it.. c'mon faster. Keep up" hahaha