Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Drive. Stop. The Madness. Friday's Thoughts

  • Got a fortune cookie today. It said: "Fortune not available. Order must be over $20"
  • What the heck is it with people looking for a good head on their shoulders. Everyone has a head on their shoulders. Is there a race of head-on-stomach people I'm not aware of?
  • Today I was driven to distraction. It's a lovely town, though no one pays attention to where they're going.
  • Do people not know how to use Stop signs? Ever reach a 4-way stop sign with 1 car going in each direction? It turns into a friggin' Three Stooges routine before your eyes. Cars cutting each other off; going in the wrong order; driving around each other. It's simple, folks. If 3 other cars haven't gone yet, it's not your turn.
  • I've never understood the analogy of "running around like a chicken with it's head cut off." Does this mean we wander around banging into things and die after 30 seconds?
  • Can a Jewish person eat like a pig? Would they know if they did?
  • I'm very photogenic -- as long as film isn't used.
  • Does the Pope say "Bless you" after someone sneezes in front of him? If so, that's cool because he really means it when he says it.
  • "Toodles" came from "Toodly-doo." Who decided to remove the "Doo?" I don't remember seeing anything in the newspaper about it. No notice. No vote.


Canadian Girl said...

hahahahaha your randomness never runs out. Also doodly doo? Hmm. I don't remember that before it got short formed. lol.


Sheryl said...

It's actually, "Toodle-loo" which eventually got shortened to "Toodles" because that's what people used to say when they were off to the "loo". Now that doesn't quite apply anymore and people just generally say "Toodles" when they are saying goodbye, but expect to be back soon.

But I digress.