Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More Randomness -- Animal Edition

Ok this post sucks badly. Read at your own risk. Personally, I'd suggest you skip it and move onto my other rather delightful postings beneath this one.

So why post it at all, you say? Because if I don't, these thoughts remain in my head, and we really don't want that to happen now, do we...

  • When insects get annoyed, do they say "Stop bugging me!"
  • I think cats should go on strike. They've been stuck with having 9 lives for decades now. With inflation, they should be up to at least 20 or 30 lives.
  • I'm surprised dogs don't kill us when we take them for a walk. They spend most of their day walking around already -- off-leash. Now it's time to take the "for a walk." So first thing we do is put on a leash so they can't actually go anywhere. Now we're going to take them outside but they have to walk within 6 inches of my leg with all of these different rules about heeling, sitting, etc. Yeah, that's fun.
  • Turtles live to be 100 years old because it takes them that long to get anywhere.
  • A group of birds is called a flock. A group of cattle is called a herd. A group of monkeys should be called a barrel.
  • I wonder if I started mimicking a parrot it would get pissed off at me or find it really cool.
  • When a ladybug sits down, it crosses her legs
  • Zebras are really horses that have escaped from jail.

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