Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New(?) Year

Happy new year to all. I'm a few days too late, but I can still wish someone a happy new year. In fact, I have until December 31st. The next day it becomes an old year, and there's no point in wishing someone a happy old year.

  • I tried to have a Zest for life, but that's a long time to have one bar of soap
  • When one horse thinks another horse is cute, do they think they're "hot to trot?"
  • Anytime anyone says "I couldn't help but overhear..." that really means they couldn't help but overhear but also be nosy enough to bring it up anyways.
  • If an organization becomes disorganized, do they lose their status as an organization? Do they become a disorganization?
  • You "deliver" a package. But if I had to remove a liver, then that would be "to de-liver".
  • "Odd" has three letters.
  • "Even" has four letters.
  • The word "wife" has a plural, though you're not supposed to have more than one.
  • Ever notice that you can put any combination of letters in front of "illion" to make it sound like a big number? Zillion, cabillion, megadegakillionillion...
  • Do you arrive ON time or IN time for a meeting? Personally, I save myself the trouble and show up late.

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